Latest News
newShardz of Kontinua Alpha 3.0 Launched! client 0.3.2021.4.1 released on April 26,2021
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newTapit! Current Release Version 2.2021.6.1 released on 6/7/2021
***Shardz of Kontinua Server updated to version 2.19.15 4-2-2021

Our Games

These are games we have created and launched or are currently designing.

LEEMAN-X's Chaos Rally Run

A commissioned game we are actively developing for PC platforms, this is an auto racing rally-style game. If you would like to test it out, become a supporter on our Patreon page and get instant access to this fun game!

Shardz of Kontinua

Shardz of Kontinua is a persistant MMO with multiple star systems and planets to tavel to and explore. Focus is on utilizing as many open-reource components to minimize costs and maximize production efficiency.

Shardz of Kontinua

In Shardz of Kontinua, players will explore planet surfaces establishing bases and colonies.

Cozmik Ballz

A tear in the fabric of the time-space continuum has allowed alien invaders and ballz of cozmik goo to pass through the breach. Your goal is to defend humanity while accumulating as many points as possible. Cozmik Ballz is a classic arcade-style game that was once the mainstay of coin-operated arcade halls everywhere.

Maze Champion

This game is still in concept. Solve maze puzzles while avoiding hazards and collecting loot. Challenge the Champion of the maze and if you can best their score then you become the Champion of that maze. Each Maze is unique and provides an endless supply of unique challenges.

Endless Horizons

A browser-based game. Build your civilization from the stone age to the far future. Complete missions, fight foes, grow your clan, unlock abilities, and unlock new technology in order to advance the level of your civilization.