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Current Version is 0.2022.8.2 (Alpha) released on 8/28/2022

Download the Game installer

Windows Installer

  • To install for Windows:

    Download the installer file and run it. The game will be installed in the c:\pbnggames\ChaosRoadRally folder by default. Once installed you can run the game (racingGame.exe) from the folder or use the start menu shortcut that was created by the installer.

    Click the link below to download the installer to your hard drive and then run it.

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  • LeemanX's Chaos Road Rally Installer-v0.2022.8.2.exe (102.4 MB)

Windows Patcher

  • No patcher available at the present time. Use the installer instead.
Patch Notes

Patch Notes for version 0.2022.8.2

What's new in version 0.2022.8.2?

  • Known issues
  • The game "chugs" when loading terrain and weather effects sometimes. (this has been greatly reduced but the user may still experiance a large lag spike the first time the weather changes)
  • Sometimes, the game will crash. This is due to an issue with the game engine. This seems to occur most often when the game is run for the first time.
  • There are several changes with the latest update.
  • When the game launches, the initial entry form has been removed. Instead, a unique user ID is created in the background the first time a user launches the game. During future gaming sessions, the user ID gets loaded from a locally saved file. When a player reaches the finish line for their current track, a window will pop up for the player to enter their initials at that time. The game information is processed remotely at https://pbnggames.com, where the data is stored and parsed. Scores are available by visiting https://pbnggames.com/home/crScores. This is still a work in progress. For example, gear data is not saving correctly from session to session. Also, stage times uploaded at the end of the race reflect the finished stage times unless it is a new best track time. The stage times are also not saving locally correctly. All of this data needs to be processed remotely to keep players from hacking the local files and uploading bogus data. In the future, players can create a user profile by simply adding an email address. This email and their unique ID will be used to create an account so a user can play the game on different devices with a single user login.
  • The simple track is nearly complete.The time stages are now in their proper positions. To complete the course, the player must complete three (3) laps. There are gears to gather and wandering sheep to avoid. When the weather changes, a dust storm will appear. This results in significantly reduced visibility from the blowing sand and moving hazards in the form of tumbling tumbleweeds. Ambient sounds now include an eagle cry as well as a rattlesnake sound. The terrain still needs more work by adding some cactus and other plants.
  • There is now a keymap available that shows a standard keyboard layout and what each key does. At present, this is only available on the website. It will be added into the game as a pop-up when the player loads a track. It will also be available in place of the current text description of the controls. The player can then dismiss that image. There will be a checkbox option where the player can choose to prevent the image from popping up every time. The current version of the keymap can be found at https://pbnggames.com/home/keymapForChaosRoadRally.
  • Patch Notes for version 0.20214.6

  • Solved the issue causing models with transparency to disappear when scene lighting was turned on.
  • Scene lighting is now enabled by default. As before [Shift]+[L] will toggle the scene lights on and off.
  • Revamped the setting ui window to look better and added a slider to adjust ambient lighting in the scene.
Key Commands

Key Commands

  • Click the keyboard image to the left to see a fullscreen version of the keyboard layout.

  • Use the [F1] key in the game to access the help menu for the most current information. A summary of the various key commands is contained in the readme.txt file in the installation folder.


You can see the latest score uploads here.

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