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Current Version is 0.11.24 (Alpha)

Server Status

Shardz of Kontinua Server Status

Server is Up!
Server Uptime: 1 week 6 days 6 hours 34 minutes 15 seconds

Key Commands

Key Commands

  • A summary of the various key commands is contained in this PDF. This is the most current information (up to date as of Shardz of Kontinua build version 0.11.24 dated 1-23-2020). The ingame "help" menu [F1] may not be correct.

  • Key Commands (PDF 67KB)
Download the Launcher


  • To install for Windows:

    Download the Shardz of Kontinua Game Launcher for Windows (10, 8, 7, XP) (Version 1.4 - 3.8 MB). Once saved to your hard drive, run the Launcher.

    When you run the Launcher for the first time it will create a directory named "pbngGames" in the root directory of the drive the Launcher is being run from. The Launcher will then install the game client files in this directory. We recommend moving the Launcher to this location once the client has been installed so that everything is in one place. A future version of the Launcher will be doing this automatically.

    Click the link below to download and save the Launcher to your computer.

  • SoK-Launcher.exe (3.8 MB)
Latest News
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newTapit! Current Release Version 2.2020.9.1 released on 09-02-2020
***Shardz of Kontinua client Build-0-11-24 released on Jan 21,2020
newShardz of Kontinua Server updated to version 2.19.8 20 4-20-2020
***PBNG Games Website relaunched and updated.