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Current Version 2.2020.2.4 is Live and available for FREE from the Google Playstore.

How to play

The Basics

  • Press the start button to begin a game. A 10 second countdown begins. When the whistle blows you have 90 seconds to score as many points as you can.
  • Patterns appear at the top of the screen and range in length from 1 to 8 getting progressively longer after each success. Tapit! on the cube face that matches the current pattern element, denoted by a white border.
  • Tapit! on the correct cube face. Each time you do this, your score will increase and the pattern advances to the next element. If you Tapit! on the wrong cube face you earn a strike. If you accumulate 3 strikes, the current pattern fails and is replaced with a new pattern.
  • The game will increase in level once you have completed enough patterns. Completing 3 patterns advances the player from level 1 to Level 2, 4 to advance to Level 3, etc.
  • There is a time limit. As you Tapit! and complete patterns your score increases until time runs out and the game is over.

Advanced Strategies

  • Score Mod. This is the score modifier. Everytime you Tapit! and earn points they are multiplied by the Score Mod.
  • Hazard face. The Cube face with the exclamation point (!) on a gold triangle backround is the hazard face. When you Tapit! this instantly applies 3 strike and fails your current pattern.
  • Specials. These will appear randomly. You only have 2 seconds to Tapit! before it goes away ( see specials below to see what they do).
  • Flawless. When you complete a pattern "Flawlessly" ( without any strikes), the rewards for that pattern completion are doubled.


  • Specials appear off to the side of the main cube. Each special has unique rewards when you Tapit!
  • Red: This Special adds time to the clock either 10,15 or 20 seconds.
  • Green: This Special increases the current Score Mod by adding 2,3, or 4 to the current value for 10 seconds.
  • Yellow: This Special adds 500,1000,or 1500 to your score.
  • Orange: This Special will auto-complete the next 2,3,or 4 pattern elements the same as if you Tapit!
  • Blue: This Special will slow down the spin rate of the cube for the next 10 seconds.
  • Hazard: This Special is the same as if you Tapit! the Hazard face of the cube. You don't want to Tapit!

Tips and Tricks

  • When you Tapit! anywhere other than the cube face or a special there is no effect.
  • When you Tapit! on the Hazard face or failing a pattern removes ALL the postive Mods and adds a negative one and increases the cube spin rate. You must avoid this to have a chance at the High Score.
  • If you have falied a pattern ( or patterns), the Score Mod will get reset to 1 when you complete your next pattern.
  • The spin rate of the cube is a factor in each score, a faster spinning cube produces increased scores.
  • Completing a pattern slows the cube down. Advancing to the next level increases the speed of the cube.
  • Red, Orange, and Green Specials are especially valuable.
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